About (in English)

Hello, world!

I’ve been writing a blog (in Croatian) for more than a year now. It’s about dancing, beginners and Lindy Hop (but can be applied to other dances too). You can see at the homepage that there are 25 lessons.

Just recently 20 of them were published in a book – in English. Along with the lessons, there are additional Stories from the corners of the dancing floor (four of them) and Lindy poetry (four poems).

The English version of the website is coming soon. It’s taking us some time because we are nitpickers and don’t want a generic web layout – because the texts also aren’t generic ones.

Before first lessons will be publish on a new website, I’d like to give you a glance of what the book is alike and what is it about. So, I’ll just paste the book’s introduction here. If you’d like to have a copy of the book, please contact me via Facebook or e-mail.

The first dancing class is hell. Go dance, they said. You’ll have fun, they said. There
is nothing fun in a room full of strangers and teachers who are telling you to relax and find the groove. The only thing that helped me to relax at that moment was imagining all of them burning in hell and me yelling at them: “Just relax and bounce!”

And then you come to a party with another bunch of unfamiliar people. Unfamiliar people who, unlike the people from the class, do know each other. Moreover, there are people dressed in a vintage or retro style making you wonder whether you stand out in your normal every day clothes. And you are there alone, by yourself, and now you’re supposed to dance – pardon me – relax, find the groove, and bounce. Hell just got another dimension.

It’s not easy to start dancing, let alone start dancing swing (because of that sporadic “retro” fashion pressure). This is a beginner’s guide; it’s both for those who are only starting to dance and those who have been dancing for a while. This guide will deal with questions, problems, and dilemmas that the majority of the people either don’t discuss or don’t even think about. Although it’s not a lexicon or an encyclopaedia, it will try to define a term or two and describe a certain notion. It’s written for a Lindy Hopper, but the majority of it can be applied to other dances as well. It’s also meant for non-dancers. I’d like it the most if it encouraged someone and persuaded them to start dancing.

The texts won’t always be easy on your pride or politically correct. I am here as your good friend. Not the kind and supportive one, but the frank, constructive and helpful one. I will tell you that your haircut sucks, I won’t let you walk around looking like a clown. Just like in a dance lesson, you’ll get the most out of this guide if you don’t assume that all the comments are about someone else, but rather assume that you are the problem. You are the one with the horrible looking hair. Cut it or comb it the other way, you can do better than this!